The Church of the Holy Rude, a stunningly beautiful building with the dimensions of a small cathedral, is situated at the Top of the Town adjacent to Stirling Castle.

The Church dates back to the 15th century, with the original hammer beam roof from that time.

It was a favourite place of worship for the Stuart Kings. Mary Queen of Scots worshipped here, and it was here in 1567 that the Coronation of her son, James VI took place (the sermon being preached by John Knox), while she herself was a prisoner in Lochleven Castle.

On the 24 May 1997, Her Majesty the Queen was present in the Church of the Holy Rude to witness a re-enactment of the coronation of her ancestor, and to unveil a commemorative inscription to mark the event.

We in the church have much to be grateful to James VI for, as it was he who was responsible for the James VI Authorised Version of the Bible. James was later to become James I of England at the Union of the Crowns in 1603.

The Church also boasts one of the finest Romantic Organs in Europe, which along with the beautiful stained glass windows, and the intimacy of the architecture, makes the Church of the Holy Rude such a favourite choice for brides.

We are happy to hear from anyone who would like to hold their Wedding in the beautiful, historic setting of the Church of the Holy Rude

For more information contact:
Revd. Alan F. Miller
Wedding Administrator
T: 01786 465166